The Town of Shattuck is located in Ellis County, Northwest Oklahoma, and has been dubbed a ‘small town with a big heart.’

A prosperous town, Shattuck has thrived since its incorporation in 1906 because of the forward thinking nature of its residents. Citizens of Shattuck take pride in their town and strive to enhance its growing reputation within Oklahoma with their proactive and progressive attitude – This is borne out by the fact that Shattuck is an active Main Street Community, with residents working together to ensure the economic and cultural prosperity of the town.

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Shattuck is well known for its hospitality, and the downtown district is testament to this fact – Friendly faces greet residents and visitors alike, amid the hustle and bustle of Main Street.  In fact, it is Main Street that is the hub of the community, hosting a wealth of diverse businesses, organizations and services that help drive the local economy forward, ensuring Shattuck’s success for years to come!

Shattuck boasts a proud, yet diverse, heritage, which can be seen in numerous sites of historical interest that are located in and around the town. Indeed, thousands of visitors flock to Shattuck each year to visit the plethora of attractions within the town, all serving to boost the profile of an already special town.

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